EHTG is keen to support its younger members with reduced rates for trainees, earmarked opportunities to present at the EHTG conferences and support in contacting senior members for discussion of their ideas or collaborative studies. Young EHTG is there for you!

Our purpose and challenge are:

  • To keep minds open
  • To find answers to yet unanswered questions
  • To ask new questions and initiate new projects
  • To encourage junior scientists
  • To strengthen international senior-junior relationship
  • To promote international junior-junior research collaboration
  • To create and keep up the cheerful atmosphere

One of the y-EHTG initiatives is Dragon Den mentoring program offering the junior scientists to seek advice from senior researchers with long-standing expertise in the research matter. By joining y-EHTG and participating at y-EHTG sessions you will get a unique opportunity to directly interact with mentors and engage them in your research, thereby gaining new insights and receiving scientific support.

Another y-EHTG initiative is the y-EHTG forum with the main purpose to facilitate the communication between EHTG members and connect colleagues from different countries and continents. The y-EHTG forum shall be used to announce research, education, work and collaboration opportunities, as well as to clarify complex cases without an existing straight forward strategy.

There are plenty of opportunities and chances at y-EHTG already, and if there is anything else you think y-EHTG can do for you, do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact Information

1. Direct contact Y-EHTG
Chair: Saskia Haupt

2. European Hereditary
Tumour Group Secretary:
Gabriele Sponholz
+49 (0)160 84 59 502

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