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Dear friends of EHTG,

After seeing you virtually in 2021 at our 5th annual conference, we are delighted to go back to Palma de Mallorca in 2022! Pandemic-allowing we hope to see you in person in Mallorca. Nevertheless we are planning this meeting as a hybrid meeting, since we have learned during the pandemic, that the virtual format is attractive from a global perspective. Less travel, less travel time, but (almost) equally lively discussions, debates and networking. Nevertheless a next meeting in Mallorca after all our wonderful past meetings there and lots of social program seems most attractive.

The ”Mallorca Group” as an interdisciplinary expert group was born in 2006 and held most productive annual meetings focused on collaborative studies with an impressive record of high-impact publications. It was decided in 2015 to move on and open the group, the time when EHTG was initiated.

An interactive working group format was tried and was well-received during the first meeting of the EHTG in Mallorca in 2016.

In 2017, we teamed up with InSiGHT at a wonderful meeting in Florence, Italy (Chairpersons Maurizio Genuardi and Luigi Ricciardello) and hosted a one day meeting on 5 July.

In 2018, we held the 3rd meeting of the European Hereditary Tumour group on Sunday 23 to Tuesday 25 September 2018 in Nice, France, with an additional joint EHTG/ESCP symposium at ESCP on Wednesday 26 September.

In 2019, we hosted the 4th meeting of the European Hereditary Tumour Group in Barcelona, Spain on Wednesday 17 – Saturday 19 October ahead of UEG Week that was also being hosted in the city. In Barcelona, an excellent albeit expensive city we had an excellent scientific meeting, but just barely escaped the riots in the city, that were boiling up exactly during our meeting. After these jeopardies we saw the pandemic years, pausing in 2020 and saying good-bye to the secretariat of Integrity.

We inaugurated a smaller but certainly more personal and competent secretariat with MCE in Germany, led by Gabriele Sponholz, who affectionately is named “gs007” because of her creative, warm and very personal solution-oriented and pragmatic approach. We hosted an entirely virtual well-attended meeting in 2021, keeping our identity of very interactive sessions in the working group format, plenary state of the art lectures and controversial debates. Now we are sooo happy to move on and to take the remaining pandemic risk of planning a f2f in Mallorca.

Whilst there will be limited space availability, we do hope to see you there. Please plan to come, it will be an impressive venue in an impressive city on an impressive island in an impressive country!

EHTG has defined its aims as:

  • To conduct collaborative studies
  • To establish guidelines
  • To set up databases to increase our understanding of hereditary tumour syndromes

We welcome everybody interested to get actively involved and join us in these efforts to improving our knowledge in the field of hereditary predisposition to cancer and to implement this knowledge for improved clinical care. This effort embraces all clinical disciplines!
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European Hereditary Tumour Group
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