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Dear members, collaborators and friends,

It was a fabulous meeting 2022 in Palma de Mallorca! It has been so good to meet again and discuss many exciting scientific topics, but also just catching up with life after such a long time.

We are grateful to all contributors, members, sponsors and globally interested parties that are contributing to expanding our network, shaping and enhancing the profile of EHTG as the European society for Hereditary Tumors.

The ”Mallorca Group” as an interdisciplinary expert group was born in 2006 and held most productive annual meetings focused on collaborative studies with an impressive record of high-impact publications. It was decided in 2015 to move on and open the group, the time when EHTG was initiated.

Our next meeting will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania from Sept. 29 – Oct. 1 2023. Please save the date! This year we will liaise with the ESCP (European Society of Coloproctology) who are hosting their meeting just ahead of ours in 2023.

EHTG has a track history with the following aims:

  • To conduct collaborative studies
  • To establish guidelines
  • To set up databases to increase our understanding of hereditary tumor syndromes

Importantly, we are a very open and welcoming global group, always interested in your ideas and active participation! We welcome everybody interested to get actively involved and join us in these efforts to improving our knowledge in the field of hereditary predisposition to cancer and to implement this knowledge for improved clinical care. This effort embraces all clinical disciplines! Please get in touch with any of our board members our our secretariat for any ideas.
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European Hereditary Tumour Group
Gabriele Sponholz

+49 (0)160 84 59 502

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