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EHTG focuses on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hereditary tumour syndromes and is stakeholder in this space, hosting great international meetings, enabling global collaborations, developing "dynamic" guidance and is proud to host the PLSD (prospective lynch syndrome database).

Our Guidelines

EHTG has a track record of expanding guidelines and practises the concept of “dynamic guidelines”. This concept means that whenever evidence has been produced in the published literature that should lead to a change of previous guidelines and is relevant for the clinical management of a syndrome, EHTG will ask for a revision of the corresponding chapter.

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7th Meeting 2023

Vilnius Lithuania Hybrid

6th Meeting 2022

Congress Office - Palma, Mallorca

EHTG board meeting 2021

with new secretary (meet GS007!) preparing the annual meeting

4th Meeting 2019

Evening Event

4th Meeting 2019

with the y-EHTG

3rd Meeting 2018

2018, Scientific Program

3rd Meeting 2018


1st Meeting 2016

First Meeting in Palma, Mallorca

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